Natural & Soothing Boy's Nursery Reveal | One Room Challenge Week 7

Over the last 7 weeks we have dealt with a lot of late nights and nap time projects while designing and constructing this natural & soothing boy's nursery. Honestly though, we are so grateful it’s done and that the One Room Challenge helped us complete the nursery before the baby arrives. It very well will be the only room in this Colonial we will complete for a long while, so we made it count!


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We knew this would be the nursery right away, with its little nook area and original closet/ doors, it already had the character and room we wanted.

Shelving wasn’t hard to think up for this spot since we still have wood that was milled from a beech tree at our old house. With some very inexpensive hardware and hunter-green paint, we wrapped up the nook shelving on no time.

It only took half a second for me to realize the wallpaper was not going to work, with the windows facing south this room gets a fair amount of light that only further excentuated the extreme yellow. So we took it down in favor of a painted design and opted out of more wallpaper which would have been costly; and I couldn’t bare to put any up after painstakingly taking so much down.



Using green as our accent was an easy decision after we found this geometric baby blanket at a local store. The blanket really kicked off the entire rooms design but it was just one amazing piece we found from local or small makers for this room.

The crib was reused from our daughters nursery to save funds for other splurges, and because I’m not sure I could find another crib we love as much as this one. When we got it in 2015 (it’s discontinued) we wanted something gender neutral so that it could be reused.


We painted this vintage mid-century dresser to use as our changing table and added long leather pulls for a natural element.

The leather strapped shelf above the changing table was hung extra high (hey were super tall folks) so no head bashing would occur in the middle of the night. And that left ample room for the night light sconce we made to hang on the wall.



One thing we worried about was that the room would get too busy with all the things needed for a baby. So we kept the art minimal but meaningful.

I commissioned an Etsy artist (shop here) to create a print of our 67’ Chevy Bel Air Wagon as a mini-surprise for Mitch, but our daughter is the one that fell in love stating that was her vroom vroom!


We made the art impactful without breaking the bank by only picking items that had a link to us in some way.

I started by narrowing down some fantasy novel quotes I really like and saw before we even knew we were pregnant, some beautiful horse prints to go with the wild and free sign, and a couple of forest prints that sparked joy.

Once I had 6-8 good options I sent them to Mitch for final selection so that they would mean something to him as well. Like the Lord of the Rings quote, (he could care less about anything fantasy related) but picked this quote because he felt it was truly something he wanted his little boy to know and had meaning in the real world.



The rocking chair was another item we reused from our daughters nursery. Having searched to find something both unobtrusive and comfortable for our tall frames, we weren’t ready to give this up. The side table is actually a stool we painted black so it would work with the reading wall sconce.


Lighting was something we really needed to debate for the space, because it didn’t have any overhead lights and we didn’t want to spend more for our electrician just after fixing a bunch of code issues just last month.

So we created a lighting plan that addressed all the areas we would be using. The changing table, a general overhead light and the rocking chair/ reading area.


Overall we couldn’t be happier to start spending some major time in this space with our little boy!


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Hopefully everyone who needed the extra time because of these crazy natural disasters has been able to finish up, it was so nice of Linda our host to extend the One Room Challenge for everyone.


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