The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space

Remember when we participated in the one room challenge and makeover our entry at the bungalow? Or when we did it again for Killian Nursery in the Colonial? What about when we tried to partake in April 18’ and create the Airbnb Guest Suite?

Well this is kinda like that, but on speed.

If you are new here, we used to live in a tiny craftsman bungalow, then almost two years ago we bought a giant Colonial and became a multi-generational family when my mother moved in. Just this past december Mitch’s Nana moved in (her grandsons are the only immediate family she has left). We took her in after Mitch’s brother and young family has already had her for a substantial amount of time.

She went to a short term facility after taking a fall. During the time since then we finished remodeling the Guest Suite (I have a reveal drafted, but then this came up!) and it has been a huge hit. Just a few days ago we reached the coveted “superhost” status and we’ve already met fabulous and interesting travelers.

We were notified just a few days ago that Nana needs to come back to us and her short term stay at a facility is over. She needs to move in a week!

Since the Airbnb is booked almost solid we have a conundrum on our hands. As a family, we decided she could move into the front entryway space where my mother’s sitting room had previously been.

The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space-2996.jpg

So here we go. One week, One Room….. Can we do it?

Here is the room plan

The One Week One Room Challenge | Nana's Space.png

Sound Proof the room

We’ve started closing off the doorway into the “formal living room” a space that my mother uses as her bedroom.

Here is the original space when we purchased the home. the door we are closing is to the left.

The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space-6373.jpg

You can buy soundproof panels in the hardware store or even speciality soundproof drywall if the space is a new build. here we applied the sound proofing and then paneled over the entire surface. The wardrobe will cover some of this area.

The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space-3029.jpg

Cover Up Wallpaper

The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space-3006.jpg

I do feel as though we’ve covered up a lot in this home, its not my intention to cut corners. For us, it makes a difference having a space done to our liking, in a cost we can afford. All the while knowing we can come back in and do a phase two project in the future.

The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space-3009.jpg

I made the leap to hand paint grey stripes over the existing blue/yellow striped wallpaper and i’m very happy with the results! Modern, cute, and a quick way to get the space looking great.

The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space-2998.jpg
The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space-3031.jpg

Vertical Paneling and Paint

Under the chair rail which the previous owners installed to look period appropriate, we have another wallpaper pattern which I’ve decided to cover up for the time being with inexpensive vertical paneling and paint.

The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space-3032.jpg


A couple of weeks ago i discussed getting a wardrobe for my mother to use in the space and found a cute 40s(?) vintage one on craigslist. I started painting it to match the blue and yellow wallpaper. Once I got the blue up I realized I hated it and the idea of Nana moving in and me trying to make the space work if i hated it. It is my home and eventually it will be my formal entryway, I’d like it to look as nice as I can. SO the wardrobe is going black!

The One Week, One Room, Challenge | Nana's Space-2970.jpg


Although she doesn’t have many clothes, she does have lots of supplies that need storage so a dresser was an obvious choice. Mitch and myself just got done using two little cheap Ikea dressers and they will work just fine.

Pink….!? which is not normally something I would choose but for some reason I’m drawn to it. Maybe because i know the 35$ Ikea dressers have already given us our ROI so why not try something “crazy” for me.

Plants and Other Decor

You might wonder why decor matters, and certainly why in such a time crunch. We all like to feel settled and “at home”, a 96 year old is no different. Plants create fresh air, decor helps create a feeling.

When Nana lived in her apartment she kept the curtains drawn and the place was dark and dreary. She was paranoid of the outside world and it effected her overall mood.

When she came to us last time I refused to move all her furnture and things into our space for fear she wouldn’t be here long and would try to boss me around because they were her things. The space was light and bright and she had no options (i mean she weighs 90 lbs and i’m a 6 foot tall force of nature so…)

Something miraculous happened you guys! She was relatively happy and pleasant, even complimenting me for her nice bed and space (every once and a while) which was wonderful! She had put my brother and sister in law through the ringer in their home so it was very unexpected.

It sounds cruel but i think making her a guest, and not giving her all her things, created a better scenario for her. Just my thoughts but who knows, maybe her medicine (which was adjusted) made the difference.

Now onto this whirlwind makeover! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram if you want to see this happen in real time!