We are just a super tall couple who crammed themselves into a really small home.

We remodeled our kitchen, bathroom and even turned the tiny useless front porches we had into useable space. But none of it made our small house function well for us. We loved the idea of living an “alternative” lifestyle in that our home was just 800sf, but it just wasn’t working. Then we got pregnant…. Then grandma moved in.

In desperation to find a way to live well in our chosen space we cleared the clutter. You know all the stuff you get from family members when you are just starting out that you feel bad about ditching? Well, we finally gave it up!

Once the clutter was gone and we could breathe, clarity was gained on what needed to be done step-by-step for us to become the DIYers we wanted to be, in order to live the fulfilled life, in the home we wanted.

We have since sold our “tiny” house, and today we live in a Giant Historic Colonial where we still practice alternative living as a multigenerational family. We even host our Guest Suite through Airbnb!

You can expect from us:

  • DIY renovations and projects on our 1847 Historic Colonial

  • Design inspiration and BUY or DIY high/low posts

  • Tips and tricks on how to create a fulfilled life starting at home

  • How-to’s on becoming a DIYer 

  • Budget-friendly interior design inspiration

  • Discussions on our “alternative lifestyle” i.e. multigenerational living, hosting our home to guests, and net zero conversion of our historic home — we’ve been known for other crazy ventures like breeding our German Shepherds, so don’t be surprised if we jump into something new!


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You inspire people to believe in themselves and have the courage to take on projects they wouldn’t normally think they could do!