Big Updates & Never Before Seen House Before/ After's


Lots of things have been happening over here lately and we are way overdo an update to everyone! If you didn't get the announcement last week, we are expecting our second in January ! This is very exciting for us. We never wanted our children to be too far apart and we're getting a little close for comfort. Not to mention, being super pregnant in the winter is going to be such a blessing.

We've also put our house on the market just last week to see how things go. Honestly, we found an amazing house that we just had to see and one thing led to another. Everything is still up in the air and I will certainly give you all details the second we have anything solidified. If everything works out we are making some big chances and working on another home with so much character AND becoming a multigenerational household with the addition of my mother!

Currently we are just seeing if and for what our house might sell for since it has a few unfinished projects.

Although if only potential buyers could really see what we've done with the place! New kitchen, bath room, walls taken down, porches remodeled into an entry and office space etc!

I found some old pictures from move in and just couldn't believe my eyes...



So with all of this happening and showings of the house we are all going a little crazy. The poor dogs are stressed beyond belief because our amazing Sadie had to be put down and now all this leaving the house (we are homebodies for sure). Our only Shepherd Freeway is notoriously bad at vehicle travel ( he's given me a black eye freaking out in the car) and we've gone as far as to call the vet about a sedative so I can drive him around a bit 🤞!

So needless to say the Magic of Tidying series has been put on hold for a while possibly a long while? Fingers crossed.

Although completing all the Magic Of Tidying would be peerrrfect before packing and moving we had to move some items to storage in order to show the house effectively. That means I don't even have everything to go through. I hope anyone whom may have been following and working on this will continue on, I can't tell you enough how life changing it was the first time around for our family.

Although we won't be moving on that series for a while, we do have some room decor updates, reveals, and another possible series coming up. All of it in the DIY/ Design genre, with a few other fun lifestyle posts mixed in! So don't go anywhere we still have lots in store for you all!