New Series Color It Sunday (+ free design coloring pages)


We've been aiming to start this series for months now, and the idea has been lurking for a few years. Your very own print on demand design coloring pages! They say its therapeutic to color these days and whats more therapeutic then design without spending the moola?! We announced early last week that a new addition is due to the Kuc family in early 2018, so things have been crazy around here. I don't remember being THIS exhausted the first time around, so I put off the series until I could regain some energy in the second trimester.

If any of you have seen pictures of our current kitchen which we remodeled in 2010, you may see some similarities ( I couldn't help myself and just had to re-design our space). The coloring pages will be posted on Sundays, all different rooms and styles, and you can even request something if you would like!

Why ? Series: Color It Sunday Adult Coloring Pages

I've made these pages before for dining room and I've always found being able to print a rendering and color in items one by one in what your thinking as a way to really solidify my feelings about a design.

1.You can print as many as you would like and try numerous colors

2. While you are coloring you think about each piece throughly and tend to gain some insights on what styles, colors, etc you like.

3.Who doesn't like to color just for fun, right?!


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This Week's Design: A Galley Kitchen



Adult Interior Design Coloring Page Download

 Need Some Inspiration? Here's What We Liked!

Apron Sink | Cabinets | Shelving |Backsplash | Faucet | Sconce| Hardware

Whats a nice Kitchen without the accessories?


Let us know how you liked these, and comment or contact us if you have requests for a type of space or style that you need a little help with!