A New Dining Table & Color It Sunday

It’s been a long while since we’ve had the chance to create another interior design coloring page for all of you, but I was inspired to do another dining room when we found this amazing new dining table on Craigslist a few weeks ago. See all our past Color It Sunday pages by clicking on the projects tab or here.

To say we’ve had a lot going on lately would be a huge understatement. With the move into a much larger historic home in September,  the One Room Challenge Nursery just getting wrapped up, the holidays, and our little Man scheduled to arrive shortly after the new year, we have been busy for sure.

You know what they say about the busy times? Be prepared to be even more busy... we must put out some special smell (sweat?!) that tells everyone that now is the time for other opportunities to come along. We’ve had multiple potential projects and clients give us a call over the last few weeks with intriguing possibilities, you have to wonder why it all happens at the same time! But we sure are grateful for these fun prospects.

That’s why if you noticed, we took last week off and just enjoyed Thanksgiving at my sisters place without posting. But today we are back at it with an industrial dining room inspired by a wonderful friends kitchen/ dining remodel.

Industrial Coloring Page Download

The dining room is a mix of industrial, mid-century, and rustic. You know how much I love a good eclectic mix and our friends do too.

Download the free pages or click the link below.


Would you create a feature wall? Some really modern art in the frames, find a few classic oil paintings, or some vintage posters?

Color it up and let us see your results on social media #thglcoloringpages, and thank Libby for the inspiration 😍.

And finally the new dining room table find for only $125 bucks!!!!

I know your thinking what is she going to do with yet another mid-century piece but look at those legs!!? It’s a big house I think it can handle some more mid-mod eclectic love.

I practically threw the money at the seller when my mother, daughter and I went to go “check it out”. Which is obviously code for I already know I’m getting this thing unless it’s falling apart. I guess I beat out the man driving from upstate NY to come take a look!

It’s just going to hang out here in the dining room with all this wonderful, amazing wallpaper (sense the sarcasm) for a while.

It needs a complete refinishing job, chairs, and something glamorous as a light fixture (Sputnik again anyone?), but eventually we will get around to this as well.


We are really debating a traditional chair with the table or going for it and grabbing something modern and matchy. what would you do?