Make A Unique Diaper Cake The Mama Will Love (and it's easy!)

Who doesn't like to give a useful, unique and fun gift at a baby shower? I've made a few of these diaper cakes over the years and have found them to be simple, easy, and tons of fun to make. Here I'll break down the steps and give three fun themes for you to try at the next baby shower! These would be given as gifts since they are loaded with extra goodies and don't just consist of a box of diapers for the mama.



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What to put in your diaper cake

I try to use natural products in these cakes, because my experience is that a lot of children have sensitive skin, and a lot of first time mamas are going the more natural route.

Realistically when mom and dad are going crazy with worry about a rash that keeps spreading or a cough that won't go away, they may not have the capacity to make decisions about what they want to use let alone the time to find it at the store. If it's waiting for them and is the safest natural option, they will thank you for your forethought!

  • Large Rubber Bands
  • Ribbon (1-2 Colors)
  • Disposable Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Rash cream's (All purpose, Diaper Rash, Nipple Cream)
  • Infant medicine's (Gas Drops, Probiotics, Gripe Water, Tylenol)
  • Body Products (Shampoo, Baby Oil, Baby Lotion)
  • Onesies
  • Special book
  • Special stuffed animal
  • Cloth diapers & wipes
  • Wet bags

How to make a diaper cake

  1. The Bottom Layer is about 12 disposable's in this small cake, you can easily adjust more in and fill the center with diapers, or less and fill the center with another round object. Space them 1-2 inches apart and start wrapping around (this will take a few try and would be easier with four hands).

2. Once you have rounded the bundle snap the large rubber band around them to loosely hold. You can now tweak the bundle by pulling certain diapers to even everything out.

3. Repeat the above steps reducing the number of diapers in each layer for the next two layers.

4. When you start stacking everything together fill the middle with round or small objects to help stabilize the cake.

Remember: Keep boxes with sizes and do mama a favor by dismantling after the shower so she can store the diapers and know what size they are!


How to make a cloth diaper cake

Cloth diaper cakes generally have less extras in them since the cloth diapers themselves are a huge investment. If the mama is doing cloth but you don't necessarily have the budget to purchase cloth try these ideas :

Go in on the cake with two others, each paying for  a "layer".


Create a mini cake with the diapers  6-8 will go a long way on a cute cake stand.


Purchase two or three small biodegradable disposable sizes. Even cloth mamas still need a disposable from time to time for vacations or general traveling. I say biodegradable because some mamas who choose to do cloth could have made that decision based on the environment and some on finances, others a combination of the two.

Using pocket diapers you create these cakes by:

  1. Stuffing the inserts into the diapers and buttoning them up closed
  2. Wrap the diapers in the same way as disposables, securing with a large rubber band as you go. A few cloth go a lot further then disposables!
  3. Decorate by rolling and stuffing cloth wipes strategically around the cake.

Three Cake Themes to go ga-ga over

There are so many options for stuffing and decorating each cake that I recommend you pick a theme to help. If you can find lots of fun items in that theme that are wishing your budget (onesies, clothes, stuffed animals) then use those.

If however the theme is difficult to find items for, you may choose to fill and decorate with useful items (infant medicine, shampoos, wipes, diaper creams, etc) . Pick and choose as you go but don't get it all, the diaper cake will cost a fortune and will be a nightmare to put together.

See how we picked and choose items for each cake below.

Uni the Diaper Cake

Unicorn Diaper Cake




Wild Child Diaper Cake

Wild Child Diaper Cake

Foxy Diaper Cake