Color It Sunday! Narrow Eclectic Living Room (with free printable!)


  We started this Color It Sunday series a few weeks ago and got some good feedback so today we are giving a free narrow eclectic living room printable that you can color in and be your very own designer. If you need a jumping off point I added a mood board to go along with the printable and sources to the items used below.

In other news, we've been showing the house  and its been a crazy couple of weeks with that. Our remaining German Shepherd (we lost our female just a few short weeks ago) is NOT very good at vehicle travel, so we've had to get a sedative just to take him out for showings. His character can easily be compared to Marley of Marley & Me...just wild but we couldn't be us without him!

Let us know what you think of these in the comments or on social media, and please tag us when you post your pages colored! We would love to see what you come up with.

 Narrow Eclectic Living Room Printable

You can print out all three pages or just one, get them for free here.


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Ideas: Narrow Eclectic Living Room Printable Moodboard


Narrow Eclectic Living Romm