Moody DIY Feature Wall | One Room Challenge Week 3

Its been a crazy week working on the DIY feature wall, closet doors, and trying to finalize all our design decisions. Last week we revealed the mood board for this entry space, and right after I realized the West Elm Rug wouldn't work; its just too big for the space. So we have been back to the drawing board looking for the perfect 4x6 rug for this entry space.

Big thank you to Colorhouse who supplied the zero voc paint (in an amazing rich color) for the DIY feature wall! All opinions are 100% our own. This post may also contain affiliate links, who you click on a link and purchase we will get a small compensation at no extra cost to you, win win. Read the full disclosure here.


Here's how the space looked last week before we started the modern wall treatment:

Finding DIY Feature Wall Ideas

The idea of some type of accent wall came to me one night out of nowhere, we just needed a little something else for the space, on a limited budget.

When I went searching I came across some great inspiration:

 Source 1 | 2| 3

Feature Wall Colors

Colorhouse is one of our sponsors for our One Room Challenge and although we hadn't used this particular paint before this DIY feature wall, I was super excited to try it out. All opinions are of our own. I've been following them over on Instagram for some time now, keeping the company in mind as an option for Zero VOC paint that I just had to try.

Finding low odor, zero VOC paint is actually harder to come by than you would think and it makes a big difference in our smaller space.

So, I contacted Colorhouse when we decided to join the One Room Challenge, and I couldn't be happier they agreed to sponsor us; their paint is amazing everyone! And you can get is shipped directly to you either on their website, Amazon, and if you want something local, they just announced coming to Ace Hardware stores soon!

Paint arrived in pristine condition!

Moody DIY Feature Wall | One Room Challenge Week 3

Here were the color contenders for the moody DIY feature wall :


Glass .05 | Wool .05 | Metal .05 | Metal .06| Wood .06 | Nourish .06


We finally decided on these two colors for the wall and bench legs:

Glass .05 | Metal .06|


Modern Wall Treatment Design

Typically when I get stuck on making a decision I let Mitch be the tie breaker. Although sometimes this backfires and I realize I did have a strong option only after he makes the call. In this case we chose the above circled drawing for a couple of reasons:

  1. Ease of Install I would be completing this project from start to finish without Mitch, so I didn't want the install to be so detailed I would pull my hair out while chasing around a toddler.
  2. LayoutThe "arrows" pointing into the house as a greeting to come on in seemed like the perfect layout for an entryway.
  3. Amount of MaterialHow much material was needed and therefore the price tag

Accent Wall Supplies

We ended up purchasing a board that we ripped down with our table saw to get (8) 1.5" x 8' pieces. You can actually purchase these ready cut at your local lumber yard, but it will cost you a significant amount more. We spent $37.77 on a piece of eastern pine board, I believe the 1" x 8' boards were about $8 per so that would have cost more like 65$ for the eight pieces we needed. In all actuality, we only needed 5 pieces.

We used a 4" roller and then cut in the trim with a brush. Our paint was a flat finish to hide any discrepancies and the matte finish seemed to be perfect for the space. I would recommend anyone use a cabinet roller instead of a standard all purpose roller, the finish will come out nicer.

I couldn't have been happier with this primer and paint. The paint is so rich, covered wonderfully, and the smell....what smell? I've used zero or low VOC paint before, and over time I cringe knowing the smell probably means it still isn't good for us to be around. I really couldn't smell much of anything with the Colorhouse cans open, but once the wall was dry, nothing.

Super excited that I now have a fan deck for this paint because I have a feeling its going to be a staple in this DIY household. 

Moody DIY Feature Wall

I ended up modifying the arrows on a whim when I was trying to cut the angles and match everything up. It just looked less like an exact arrow, but gave the same feel. The shorter horizontal pieces were also an additional add on spur of the moment.

On a side note this is my first every GIF creation and boy was it a blast, and heck no I couldn't have done it without my mom helping coral the toddler, thanks Mom!

The bench is being worked on this week and we can't wait to use some more Colorhouse paint on the legs. Still going crazy trying to find the right 4' x 6' rug for this space. Wish me luck, and go check out all the other guest participants this week!