Get The Look Of Our Entryway (A Buy | DIY, High | Low)


This entryway high/low has been in the making since we revealed our Eclectic Bungalow Entryway in early May, we just couldn't get everything together until this week. If you like a good high/ low and have a knack for making things yourself, this is going to be the post for you with options to purchase and links to the DIY's of many of our entryway's decor.

Entryway High/Low

Sometimes its difficult to figure out what you should tackle and do-it-yourself, and what you will be better off just purchasing. We all wonder if making EVERYTHING is really saving us money, not to mention that our time is money...and if your not an avid DIYer well it may take a LOT of time.

In our entryway we mixed the DIY and purchase options  to fit our budget and time constraints, and when we hit a bump in the road we re-evaluated some of the items we were planning on making and went ahead and purchased some instead; creating a great design for us, at that given moment.

Here you can see a comparison of what DIYing vs. Purchasing our entryway design would cost, so you can make informed decisions on the next design project!

This post may contain affiliate links.When you click on a link and purchase I will get a small compensation at no extra cost to you, win win.  Read the full disclosure here

Get The Look


Buy Sources

Brass Mirror | Dresser | Tabletop Picture Frame

Schoolhouse Light Fixture | Glass Knob | Leather Tray

DIY Sources

Frameless Mirror | Tabletop Frame

Schoolhouse Light Fixture |  Leather Tray

  • Our black dresser was a vintage score for $80 about 4 years ago for a great friends wedding altar, we used chalk paint and distressed the surface finishing with a wax finish.

  • The glass knobs that we used on our closet doors were also a vintage find, and an antique show.

Alrighty everyone, thats a wrap. Please let us know if this was helpful and useful, we certainly hope it was, and we will make more in the future!