6 Things To Note About Organizing Books (Magic Of Tidying)

Alrighty you guys, were into the fourth week of our Magic of Tidying Series and are tackling organizing books today, which you would think will be the easiest.... But it's not.


It's so hard to get rid of books!

Books can be very difficult to get rid of, there is something about them that seems sacred to those of us who call ourselves readers (even if we haven't had a chance to read in far too long). You've been given books as gifts, purchased and never read, or absolutely loved at one time, so its no surprise these could be difficult to part with.

When we went through our books this past week we found out a few things were suckers for, (like countless how to books, as in how to set up a router table!?) and what to do about the countless books you have but don't use.


Top 6 organizing books things to note


1. You really need to hunt for all the books.

That means cookbooks and magazines and even those old textbooks, nothing is off limits. They only exception I made was photobooks which will be lumped into sentimental with all the other photos.


2. If it was given to you by someone who cherished it, put it in a pile to ask them if they want back (and then don't waste anytime doing it).

Otherwise, get rid of it, it was given to you with love and you don't have to read it to have received it with love and strengthened your relationship by appreciating the gift.


3. If you haven't read it, it's probably time to get rid of it.

I know you spent money on it but its another item that is weighing your life down on the endless to-do list. If you get rid of 5 books you haven't ever read and in a year find you really need to read one of them; don't you think when re-purchasing you will make darn sure you actually read it? If you keep all 5 the odds are they will sit and collect dust; life is so busy we only have time for so much.


4. If you haven't ever cooked any meals out of that cookbook or haven't in years then it's time for it to go, imagine how useful it could be for another family.

If you let it go you might have room for another that you will cook out of and make wholesome healthy and fantastic meals. You are reminded every time you look at an unused cookbook that you have failed to make it useful, why have that weighing on your mind anymore?

If an older cookbook is still around that you use a few recipes from, copy them out and then let it go.


5.  If you can only see yourself finding minimal info from the book in the future but start wondering what if you could still NEED it!? 

Remember: you are far more likely to search for that quick info on the internet then search through that huge informational book to answer one question, so why keep it and clutter your life anymore?


6. Get rid of the beat-up and torn covers, they don't inspire you to open the beautiful pages of your books and have already served the purpose of keeping the book as clean as possible.


I'd love to show everyone our leftover books but we keep most of them in our office which is currently a mess while going through this Magic Of Tidying KonMari Method. But I promise we will show you it soon!

We ended up getting rid of about 20 books and keeping probably 60 of various types. Cookbooks being the largest category because we do most of our cooking and eating at home and always have. I know not all families can do this with such busy schedules and well...life! We have also been through all of our books a few times before this, so we may not have had anywhere as many books as you do.

Next week: the dreaded papers!

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