Our new fiddle fig and the canvas tote created to house him


I jumped on the fiddle fig train a few weeks ago and bought this beauty. I've had a slight obsession with them for about a year now, but with my tendency to kill plants, I just wasnt sure spending the money was the best idea.

close up of our fiddle fig in the front entryway

Keeping the fiddle fig alive

In my defense I usually have help killing the plants in this house. One (or all) of the four dogs we share our space with, likes to eat dirt from our plants. Not dirt outside, nope, dirt inside that is helping our plants live. Please tell me I’m not the only dog owner who has this problem?

So, this little guy is being sheltered from the crazed dirt eating dogs by living high up on our midcentury cabinet. Now we will have to hope Mitch doesn’t overwater the guy trying to get me a green thumb.

No over-watering this guy got it... but air plants need little water, some need no water, some need occasional water...ill have this over-hydrated in no time....

our fiddle fig in the front entryway

The DIY canvas tote

I decided to go with a handled canvas bag so I could easily move Mr. Fiddy Fig, (who’s obviously best friends with our large print of Trigger aka Mr. Triggy Trig). I grabed the fabric leftovers from our laundry room wall-paper project and liked the added texture without too much color to compete with the bright green leaves.

close up of our fiddle fig and diy canvas basket


fiddle fig in canvas basket

Reality Check

Perfection it is not, its really hard to sew a round bottom on things! For me it wasn’t about having every detail be perfect, it was about the creation, learning, and having a fun time. It certainly works well for grabbing those leather handles and moving him around the house to get extra light.

our fiddle fig in the front entryway

What have you worked on recently (perfect or not) that your proud of, I’d love to hear your story?