Introducing The Fast & Furious Killian


Killian James Kuc

Born Jan 21st | 4:54 am

9.2 Lbs | 22 Inches



We welcomed our big baby boy, Killian James early Sunday morning and have been adjusting to life as a family of four (actually family of five if you count my mother who lives with us, I know how lucky we are).

His arrival was nothing but fast and furious; the complete opposite of our daughter Haverly (a 22 hour back labor). If you have followed along with us on Instagram, you probably know we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our son, who we really thought he would arrive early. I had weeks of “fake labor” that would indicate he was coming very soon, but alas he was late nonetheless.

Oddly enough, him and his sister both arrived exactly three days before their induction date, nothing like a forced date to get things moving!

All of those inconsistent contractions that made up my fake labor (something I didn’t experience at all with our first) made for a speedy arrival. Needless to say I’d take it all again.

Contractions woke me up at 2am and were still a bit inconsistent but very intense in my lower back; within an hour I couldn’t speak because of the pain. Mitch was a bit skeptical seeing as though the contractions were still irregular but we called into the hospital and our favorite Midwife said to follow my instincts and head on in. It took a bit longer to get out the door then I wanted and by the time we left the driveway I felt we had waited too long (Mitch even let off the gas to go grab my slippers we forgot and I yelled “no going back!)”

We arrived at the hospital at 4:05, nurses waiting for us and jokingly telling us a midwife would be delivering- We were a bit of a “story” since our daughter was born with only a nurse in the room which is very rare. Well, the same thing almost happened again you guys! My water broke and I instantly felt the need to push (yet another difference from the last birth), the midwife had still not been in to do an initial cervical check.

Our Midwife did make it and upon checking told us well it’s time to have a baby, now! Music to my ears since I was envisioning her telling me I was still only 4 cm or something and having a long labor like with our daughter. Two contractions later our baby was born at 4:54 am.

Everyone gasped, “that’s a big baby!” We figured he would be tall since the two of us and our daughter are, but we never would have thought he would be so big. I was promptly notified by Mitch that a 454 is a big chevy block engine. What are the odds?! So I guess he is our little big block.

Our daughter is smitten, even going as far as telling us (on video!) that she wants to take him home from the hospital so they can snuggle. Stop it kid, I can’t take it!
We’re signing off for a bit and settling into a new family routine with this little man. Follow along with us on Instagram to stay up to date and we will be back on the blog to start our 2018 projects in the beginning of March!