Custom Rare Vintage Car Print | One Room Challenge Week 2


If you are just joining us today, last week we announced we would be participating as a guest in this fall's "One Room Challenge" (a 6-week interior design challenge), where we would be completing our Baby Boy's Nursery! Since we couldn't get all of the yellow wallpaper down in the nursery yet, we are revealing the custom vintage car print we had made from an artist on Etsy!  

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Vintage Car Nursery Decor

When we got pregnant this time around, I wanted the nursery to be a bit more of an oasis... a relaxed and adult like area since I (hopefully) will be spending a lot time nursing in it. This time around, the Nursery is on the second floor of our new colonial house, so it doesn't need to be as much of a play area for the baby since the living room will be used for that.

Even though I wanted a neutral and relaxed area, it seemed a bit of a theme was still needed in a nursery, right? It wasn't all that difficult to come up with a few ideas; a police theme being high on the list since daddy is a Sergeant himself. Doing a quick search on Pinterest I found that Jenny from Long and Found on Etsy made vintage police cruiser prints you can download and have printed yourself!

Cruiser Print

Vintage Car Print

Or a whole set of 9 prints!? For the next week you can get 20% off any 4 prints with code THGL20, she even has vintage plane prints which are adorable. A few of these other prints may very well make a cameo at the reveal in week 6!


Etsy Vintage Car Printable

It certainly didn't take me long to jump from a mini police theme to a vintage car theme since we own a 1967 Chevy Bel Air Station Wagon! As it turns out, Jenny does custom work and at a really great price of $50, we got a truly unique piece of art that fits our budget and family!


Of course Haverly (Have-er-lee) thinks this is her's since she nick-named the Bel-Air her "Vroom-Vroom". 

Getting this print made was super easy all we did was ...

  1. Contact Jenny about the custom work (We wanted our print larger than the normal 8 x 10 listing)
  2. Purchase the custom listing
  3. Send in pictures of the vehicle (We just went outside and took some photos but I bet if you found a photo online you could have that made up as well!)
  4. Review the print proof
  5. Have your original artwork printed! (We've used Costco in the past and thats exactly what Jenny recommended)

Can anyone say EASY PEASY.


*This post was NOT sponsored but just like our sponsored content all opinions are 100% our own. This process was just too cool and so cost effective we wanted to spread the word about these beautiful prints. Remember for this next week you get 20% off 4 prints with code THGL20 at the Long and Found!


Can't wait to check out what everyone else is up to during Week 2 of the One Room Challenge,  join me and lets spread the love!