11 Stocking Stuffer's for Mama-To-Be


Here we have 11 things you can get the mama-to-be that will help ease her mind and rejuvenate her body both pre and post labor. These also tend to get missed at baby showers so rest assured they are always a good gift idea for birthdays, showers , or at the hospital!

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1. The most informative and supportive pregnancy book, it even has simple healthy recipes!


2. Pregnancy Tea to help get mom’s body ready for birth. Or a mason jar of the DIY version here, or here. I used these recipes in my first pregnancy and right now during our second, they are wonderful and added ginger can help calm the tummy. *** Wait until the second trimester to start these teas***

3. Dry shampoo for those mornings when a shower just isn’t gonna happen. This is my absolute favorite and can be found at Target as well.

4. Cute Delivery Gown that doubles as Perfect PJ’s for breastfeeding.


5. Socks or slippers for at the hospital since they tend to get ruined easily. These are just too cute to pass up!


6. Mother’s tea for keeping that breastmilk supply up, this stuff really helped me the first time around!


7. Lactation cookies and the recipe for dada to re-create easily!


8.  A beautiful delivery robe for during labor, and a great robe for snuggling baby postpartum.


9. Belly balm to help ease the skin on her growing belly.


10. Birth and body oil just incase someone wants to give mama a massage during labor (hint hint dada).



11. A soft comfy throw large enough for Mama and baby to fit under in the rocking chair!