Small Toddler Room with an Enchanted Touch

If you’ve been following us for a bit then you know we moved from our small craftsman into  a historic colonial down the street and one town just a few months ago. I snapped pictures of our daughters room right before packing it up for the move but just haven’t had the chance to reveal the photos. So without further ado we finally have the small toddler room reveal!

The design started off with a whimsical dragons and unicorn theme because mama loves all things fantasy, and we picked coral and mint as the color scheme when we were putting together the nursery. As any parent knows, color themes don’t last that long since toys come in so many different colors, the room quickly became a rainbow.


The cabinet is probably the original kitchen cabinetry that we found downstairs in the basement in 2010 when we moved in. After adding some legs, top crown molding , and interior paint, this quickly became the best toy storage ever!

The crib is still my favorite, and we re-used I’m in our son's nursery design  we just finished last month.

The simple and amazing bedding came from Beddy’s, the blanket zips up the sides to make the bed! We’ve found it to be perfect for a few reasons:

1. It helped teach her to make her bed before we upgraded to a extra long twin in the new house 

2. It keeps the blanket on the bed all night and covering her legs so she can’t just kick it off in her sleep! Win win



We found the love sign at the antique market and I just knew it had to go into the nursery from the start! When we did our son’s nursery I didn’t re-use it but opted for a feature wall  that told him our love as well.

When we remodeled the porches into interior spaces  we added this closet opening that we envisioned a curtain across one day, but at the time we fit this Ikea cabinet into the space for all her clothing storage.

We recently did a whole post on organizing a small nursery closet but our biggest tip would be to skip hanging baby clothes.

This Land Of Nod tool bench was the perfect addition to the room for her second birthday, we are pushing for a little DIYer for sure!

The whimsical fantasy theme was created in some of the toy details like the flying dragon and various unicorn items.


Our original rocking chair was the same one my mother rocked me in a beautiful cherry piece, but since she is substantially smaller than the two of us, it never really fit us well (We’re 6’ and 6’5” parents so... ).


We ended up special ordering this beautiful rocker from Pottery Barn Kids and have really liked it. I specifically went with a rocker instead of a glider because of the small space in this room, a glider would have taken up so much room both literally and visually.

We even tried it on for size since so it would work for our heights, and this one passed inspection with flying colors.


That was a big secret in making the small room look as large as possible, you can see under every piece of furniture in the whole room. It's still small and there isn't any hiding that, but having it look as big a possible always made it a bit more comfortable to be in.

If you are wondering, we had to seriously limit toys so that every space wasn't needed for storage, and it wasn't easy but certainly worthwhile.

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