Tall Maternity Clothes You Will Love (Fall & Winter Guide)

If your tall, then getting preggers probably came with the question; where will I ever find tall maternity clothes? This is our second pregnancy and getting tall clothes is a "must" for my 6' frame. Right before this pregnancy I was a size 14, before the last a size 12, and finding clothes normally really isn't all that easy.

Here, I break down some of my tips and tricks for finding tall, or figuring out if a "regular" will work for you, with examples of items I'll be wearing this fall & winter season in the New England weather. Hope it helps any other tall mama's out there!

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Finding Tall Maternity Clothes

Being tall is wonderful for so many reasons, but I have never found one of them to be clothing shopping. When I'm at a lower weight the clothing isn't as long (apparently if your skinny you can't be that tall) or when I'm curvier items are longer but don't seem to hang right on my body.

Luckily over the last ten years (unluckily for my middle-school and high-school self) clothing for tall women is becoming more main stream, and purchasing / returning via the internet is so much easier.

My biggest go-to? Asos.com has a tall section, and they mean business. Supplying worldwide to tall women means none of this "we will call it tall but its really for someone 5'9" bull. I would say to fit in to most of the tall they provide, you need to be 5'11" or taller.

I also shop at gap.com and oldnavy.com for talls but they do fall into the category of  "we call this a tall but tall is for someone 5'9" .... so I have to be careful.

Lately my trick is to look at the clothing reviews; if the general population is complaining something is too long either in the waist or the leg its a safe bet it will work for me. This is the trick I use most when purchasing maternity clothes since so few tall/ maternity clothes even exist.

Fall/ Winter Tall Maternity Clothes


Finding tall pants and jeans is difficult for all of us, then add the addition of being pregnant, and possibly plus sized!? Almost impossible I dare say. Two tricks I use are 1.  buy cropped jeans in the summer and pair with knee high boots in the fall and winter 2. look for and grab up any tall maternity jeans on Asos.com, and 3. forgo jeans altogether and stick with leggings.

Shirts & Support Tanks

I stick to a lot of support tanks with covers (cardigans, light jackets, denim ) in the fall and winter. Again, look for reviews that complain of the length being too long for most, thats a good indicator the regular tank will fit correctly, or titles stating "Long Line Tanks ".

Covers & Sweaters

Typically I don't find many sweaters in a "tall" size but find that going one size larger or shopping in the tall maternity section in Asos helps. Button ups (denim or flannel) can be worn open during the pregnancy, are useful for nursing, and postpartum. Kimonos are a quick easy way to dress up any outfit for work or an evening out. And long line cardigans or waterfall sweaters tend to be long enough.



I find Dresses to be useful for a quick, comfortable and put together outfit. I purchased two dresses this summer to use in the fall with my knee high boots and I can't wait to get a few more.

  • Wren and Ivory has become my go-to this pregnancy not only because they are comfy and beautiful dresses, but because they come in plus sizes too, and can be worn after pregnancy as well. Some dresses are even made for nursing. Two of my new favorites here, and here.
  • We're getting real here.... my thigh's rub a bit in dresses, add pregnancy and well... its worse. A pair of these maternity underwear will solve that problem quickly!

Jackets & Boots

I still use my late father's green utility jacket during my pregnancies, its large, comfortable and fits well. You can get a pregnancy jacket and gap has a cute utility one here, but you may just opt for a larger sized jacket as well. Us pregnant ladies do tend to run hot and not need the extra layer all the time.

One day I'm buying myself a pair of these frye boots of my dreams, but until I can save for them these knee highs are my go-to's for all fall and winter. They go all the way up to my knees, are perfect to cover my legs in a dress, and look fantastic over jeans or leggings.


Hope that is of help to some tall mama's out there! And let me know if I missed any tips you have for readers, we all need this info!