Magic of Tidying (Inspiration Prep & Schedule)

Before you start tidying, visualize your destination to find the "why" behind your ideal lifestyle; thats what Marie Kondo would like from us before starting this journey into tidying up our lives. I don’t know about you, but going through our entire home and decluttering, then putting everything that “brings us joy” back into a rightful space sounds like a ton of work; I don’t want to risk completing all of that work just to relapse.

So, if Marie says visualize the destination…. Lets do this completely.

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Why do I want to Tidy?

Honestly, that was the easiest question to answer for us, mostly because we have sort of done this before (although never completing all the categories). Our house functions 100% better when everything has a place and we both know where that place is (and now we can teach our daughter that too).

After having gone through the process just partially, we had a lot less frustration with one another. Before, and even sometimes now, Mitch will ask me where something is; I’ll roll my eyes because its literally in front of him, and tension is created. He didn’t know to look right in front of him because it wasn’t there yesterday?! I know where it is because I put everything away, even his items that get left out because he doesn’t really know where I want him to put them = more tension .

So now you can see why. So we can stop creating tension over silly things and get on with our  life.


Without all the stuff literally & figuratively in-between us, its a whole lot easier to to actually be together. So in short the reason is HAPPINESS. 


Magic Of Tidying Inspiration

As I said in last week's Magic Of Tidying post, you should find an inspiration picture. Not to be confused as your dream house, living room or bedroom. This inspiration picture should reflect how you want to feel in the space (not the exact items or style you will have).

Good places to look are Pinterest (of course), or Houzz which will allow you to narrow down by space and style a bit more and only results in pictures of spaces.

It’s of no surprise to me that I picked a living room designed by Emily Henderson. Her mix of styled vintage pieces has always made spaces seem so lived-in, with a story to tell about the owners, and all without having so many vintage pieces; it clutters a space and takes over.



This inspiration is not too much, but enough to feel cozy.


It's unique and rare, but not so rare that children can't actually live in the space for fear of ruining it.


Its bright and airy, without being stark and cold. 



It looks like a place we could be happy in.



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Magic Of Tidying In Order

Here's our game plan for the coming weeks of this life-changing series, if you haven't already grab the book (it's a quick read) and start with us next week.

Week 1: Why Try The Magic Of Tidying

Week 2: Inspiration & Schedule

Week 3: Clothing

Week 4: Books

Week 5: Papers

Week 6: Misc   | Electrical, Office Equipment, Paper, Valuables , Crafts, Hobbies

Week 7: Misc   | Skin Care, Make Up, Bathroom, Meds, Linens, Bedding

Week 8: Misc   | Kitchen Equipment, Food, Cleaning & Laundry Supplies

Week 9: Misc   | Collectables, Toys, Sports Equipment, Seasonal, Emergency

Week 10: Misc | Tools, Garage, Vehicle Equipment, Basement

Week 11: Sentimental

Week 12: Getting Rid of Items (Garage Sale, Donate, Sell)


Magic of Tidying (Inspiration Prep & Schedule)

Hope you all will join us on this journey. Please share on social media to invite your friends to come along for the ride with us! And... Tag us with #thglmagicoftidying, we really want to see your progress!