Free Interior Design and Helping With Hurricane Harvey

Is it too soon to be thinking about helping folks out when trying to put their homes back together from the massive destruction of Harvey, probably , but I'm doing it... This week has been an interesting one and I'm currently writing this post at 3 am (pregnancy insomnia is real btw), no post was scheduled for our normal Thursday time this week.

Today, Mitch and I will be helping his brother's family move into their new home and we are so excited for them. Yesterday I furiously tried to make myself complete a blog post for my Wednesday deadline and I realized it just wasn't going to happen. Too many other important things on the horizon one of which is helping this wonderful family with their move.... did I mention that when Mitch's father suddenly passed in the spring, his brother and sister-in-law took over care for their 94 year old Nana, with a year old son, and in a home they had already outgrown? So this move is a big deal, it's a big deal for them and for us because of all they have done and will continue to do for our whole family.

Worrying about having a post just wasn't on the docket, until I woke up at 2 am with a racing mind and found myself thinking about all the folks affected by hurricane Harvey. My thoughts? What the hell can my pregnant self do from Western Massachusetts to help (besides donating additional funds which we don't have) ? Well you guys, I (hopefully) got a useful answer.

Free Interior Design.

Yep you read that right, and I know your thinking exactly the first thing I thought. Seriously !? Who the (blankety-blank) needs design help when there homes are under 6+ feet of water! They need food, clothing , long term shelter... not interior design!

And you would be correct.

This won't help right now, but my wish on this sleepless night is that it will help some families when they get to the point of putting there homes back together. The one thing they will desperately want to do, quickly, that will take far too long. And be far too complicated.

You have seen my coloring page posts, and may even have read in our bio that I'm an interior designer. After we had our daughter Haverly, I geared up to be a stay-at-home momma for the very young years and started the blog to see if it would help us with that goal. But before we had our daughter I designed countless kitchens and bathrooms for a company moving on to becoming an interior designer and finally starting my own business.

So you see, I have the experience to help, and my pregnant ass will be of no help physically down in Texas, hence this ahh-ha moment.

I'm not sure exactly what all of this design help will look like, not even sure if it will truly be helpful, but lying in bed thinking about the victims of hurricane Harvey certainly wasn't going to do jack squat, so here I am.

I need you to help spread the word, because this blog is still young and our readership not extensive (I still can't believe anyone reads this thing at all, so I am very thankful).

If you have friends/ family affected by Harvey please share this with them.

I have never lived through this type of tragedy so I can't say for sure, but I envision this free virtual design being able to help families recreate a home. They will certainly be worried about fixing their house, but what about when the house is structurally sound how will they make it a home again, they have already lost so much. That's the piece of the puzzle I would like to help with. When overwhelm sets in on what to do and sadness strikes, I would like to help with a plan of action to make their house their home again. Albeit a different home that will never feel the same, but a home nonetheless.

I went to Texas A & M @college station from UMASS for a semester and met some wonderful folks who not only welcomed me with open arms but who's friendship taught me so many new things. I'm crossing my fingers they will see this post or a social media message and have friends/ family that will be able to use this help too. Always held a special place in my heart for the great state of Texas after that wonderful semester.

Right now, we have a contact form here for inquiries, and you can see our house design here .

Please share!