The Big Question Everyone is Asking, Reader Weigh-In

The nagging question on everyone's minds... are we changing the blog name? It would make complete sense for us to change the blog's name since "tiny" no longer describes our home in any shape or form. We announced earlier this week our new home is down the road 5 miles and 3x the size that our tiny bungalow was.

When we started the blog last year (because I started the behind the scenes in Sept.) we had no intention of moving in the near future, even though we were wishing for another child. We figured we lived an alternative lifestyle being that the house was a small home at 1000 SF (850 when we bought it) and we were larger folks, hence the "tiny" in our title. We didn't figure that needed to change with another child; children share rooms everyday and although it's not mainstream anymore, it can be done.

The tiny home was also the start of all of our DIY and renovations which is an activity we both love, making the house our home. That's why we named the blog after the home and not something unrelated or just about our family.

I've seen numerous home blogs that have switched homes and kept the orginal name even if it didn't fit anymore. We've also thought if a change was going to happen, doing it in the first year would be best for rebranding.

It was so hard to walk away from that tiny home to begin with, but to walk away from the name that signifies all we've done to get here? We're not exactly sure what to do!

Our options are:

  1. Change the name, all the social media, and rebrand the website
  2. Or keep the name and quickly/efficiently get it across to new readers that we have moved to a bigger home and the "tiny" home was our first giant adventure.

Ideas that have been thrown our way...because like EVERYONE has said something about the name the second we've given the news 😂 - to cross out the tiny in the logo or write NOT SO above tiny in the logo.

If changing the name we've tossed around Giant House Giant Life... our only hang up with that is that it sort of seems we're saying you need to have a giant house to live your giant life (physically or otherwise) and that's sooo not what we are all about. This big house happened partly because we decided to become a multi-generational family with the addition of my mother. And partly because another amazing historic home grabbed us just like the tiny bungalow at the right time and right price.

To be perfectly honest, we are leaning towards keeping the name because of the sentimental value, our history behind the name, and starting all over but what the readers think matters.....

So we want all the opinions. Keep it or ditch it, what do you guys think and why?